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Chewing Gum Removal from Tiles

Especially in high traffic areas, the chances of a wad of gum mysteriously ending up on the tile floor are high. The sight of an improperly discarded piece of gum is unsightly and unhygienic. Here are some helpful hints that will make gum removal easy and thorough. There are several products on the market that boast the ability to completely eradicate gum from tile floors; however, these can be costly and unnecessary. Gum removal requires only a few tools, including ice, a thin metal scraper and some sort of multipurpose cleaner.

The first step requires the sticky gum to be frozen to make it less pliable. Placing an ice cube on the offending wad will harden the gum. If the ice cube melts before the gum has completely hardened, continue the process with a second ice cube. Gently removing the gum with the metal scraper is the second step of gum removal. It is best if the gum comes off completely in one piece; however, if it breaks off into multiple pieces, continue gently scraping until the gum is completely removed. It might be necessary to refreeze the gum if it starts to become malleable again. Lastly, with a gentle towel and the multipurpose cleaner, wipe the area until the tile is as good as new.

While these tips are very useful and can help you to manage small instances of gum removal from tiles, there may be many areas of your premises and external areas where heavy through traffic lead to unsightly build up of gum stains.

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