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Mobile Patrols

Sharp Edge Security have well equipped search and response units that make random security patrols of clients premises, through the night and at weekends.

Our mobile patrols are charged with the security of all doors, gates and windows. They are equipped with computerised guard tour checkpoint systems, where downloaded activity data assures clients of effective operation policing. A computerised print out, listing date and time recordings is supplied routinely allowing a simple cross reference between requirement and delivery.

Residential customers also utilise this service when away from home for holidays and family gatherings for example. Our Mobile Patrols operate mainly in Dublin and Munster and offer a cost effective alternative to static guarding, where a continuous presence is deemed unnecessary.

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Private Security Authority of Ireland Management Systems Certification Contractor Plus Health & Safety

The Private Security Authority was established pursuant to the Private Security Services Act 2004, and is the statutory body with responsibility for licensing and regulating the private security industry in Ireland.